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Friday, 17 November 2017

Top 10 Ethically Made and Cruelty Free Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Today I'm sharing my top picks for Secret Santa, from office gifts like mugs and notebooks to cruelty free beauty like vegan lip balm and a gin&tonic hand cream. My selection of gifts will have something for everyone, even those Harry Potter and Pug Dog fans!

Check out my top 10 picks below or view the full collection here.

Huffle Pug Harry Potter Inspired Coaster
Fairly Made

Vege and Alcohol Eco Tote Bag
Fairly Made // Recycled // Eco-inks

Gin And Tonic Vegan & Organic Hand Cream
Fairly Made // Organic // Vegan // Cruelty Free

Cola Bottles Shower Gel
Fairly Made // Vegan // Cruelty Free

Reusable Sports Water Bottle
Fairly Made

Pick n' Mix Fruity Lip Balm Gift Set
Fairly Made // Organic // Vegan // Chemical Free // Cruelty Free 

The Cup of Christmas
Fairly Made

Luxury Beauty Gift Baubles
Fairly Made // Organic // Chemical Free // Cruelty Free 

A4 Northern Lights Notebook
Fairly Made // Sustainable 

You Are Amazing - Inspirational Mug
Fairly Made

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