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Thursday, 8 June 2017

The essential holiday packing guide

This is the only packing guide you'll need this summer, if you're tired of hoarding your entire wardrobe on holiday only to wear just a fraction of what you've packed then we've put together this guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to the packing essentials.

1. Clothing 

If your destination is somewhere hot, then think lightweight casual wear that you can accessorise easily for a night out.

Think about packing just one or two dresses, that you can wear with flat pumps when you want to do some exploring during the day. Or with a pair of wedges in the evening, teamed up with your favourite piece of statement jewellery and a glamorous clutch bag.

Another must have on the list are a simple pair of lightweight shorts or a mini skirt that can you can work from day through to evening. Team them up with a vest or an organic cotton slogan t-shirt when you think your shoulders have had enough of the sun rays.  On that note, sometimes a light sweater that you can throw over with a pair of shorts in the evening when you start to feel the sea air chill also won't go amiss.

2. Jewellery

Be careful not to over pack the jewellery, you most likely won't be wearing them too often during the day on the beach, and for the evening a couple of key pieces is all you'll need for the holiday.

3. Bags and Accessories

When it comes to a bag, you need one clutch for the evening a tote or leather backpack for daytime sightseeing and a beach bag for all those hours of lounging on the sand or by the pool.

A lightweight scarf is the perfect packing partner, pick a summery colour, one that you can throw over your shoulders when the sun is getting a bit too much or wrap around you to protect you from the night air.

One pair of sunglasses will be more than enough, as long as you choose just the right style. I love these retro style sunnies made from upcycled denim. You can wear them with absolutely any outfit and they have Zeiss Polarized Lenses so they'll keep your eyes safe in all that sunshine!

Keep your phones safe from all knocks and bumps along your travels, a hardcover or a smart phone case with credit card space make the best protectors for your phones and are super handy on your hols.

Outfits we love:

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4. Beauty 

I'd always recommend finding one really good wash bag that has ample room to fit all your travel-sized toiletries, something that has been made well, is fully lined and ultimately you can use year and year again. 

The great thing about holidays is that you can take advantage of beauty products you've had your eye on but don't want to invest in the full-size bottles until you try them. Travel size beauty products are great for testing out new products, or just to ensure you can continue with your beauty regime without having to cart large bottles everywhere you go.

It's important to also look after you hair on your holidays, after all the sun and sea water/chlorine will definitely hurt your lovely locks. So take a nourishing conditioner to use every evening and a hair protector that you can spray on before whipping out your curling iron or straightener. 

When it comes to make up less is more when you're sporting a golden tan, so keep things simple. Add some face glitter to your cheek bones, a little dusting of gold eyeshadow to your lids or try experimenting with stick on face jewellery (as a modern twist on the cat flick eyeliner).

When it comes to fragrance, sometimes our everyday perfume can seem to heavy, so think about natural organic fragrances with hints of Jasmin and Vanilla, this boxed collection of travel sized perfumes just screams summer! 

Beauty products we love: 
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5. Getting organised

It's important you get organised, so if you need to have printouts (for hotels or flight confirmations) make sure you have these and keep them all in one place with an organiser

But think about what really needs to be printed. Can you use your phone to pick up your boarding passes at the airport? Do you have all the email confirmations of your hotel on your phone? If you booked through a website check and see if they have an app you can install to make it easy. The less paperwork you have to carry the better for our planet but also the less confusion for you.

Don't forget your passport, and if you're travelling involve backpacking through deserts or jungles (having trekked through South America myself) I thoroughly recommend a passport cover

Finally but certainly one to keep in mind, when I go on holiday I get through so much water, of course in some areas it's important you drink solely bottled water. But large gallon bottles aren't very practical to take out and about, so often we find ourselves getting through a vast amount of small plastic bottles every day. Whilst we're thinking about the environment, why not invest in a re-usable water bottle, you can refill it every day and you won't have to worry about the footprint you're leaving behind.

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