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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Meet Organic and Ethical Baby and Toddler Fashion Brand Milly'O

Q. Tell us a bit about the Milly behind the brand Milly'O

I'm Milly, I grew up in Somerset riding a tubby pony and am now 27, I solely run the business and I have a lovely little workroom in Street, Somerset.
I have always been creative and first used a sewing machine when I was at school,  this fueled my passion and I went on to complete an art & design B-TEC at Strode College.  After a year I decided to go travelling and then worked a couple of ski seasons. Finally, I went back to my true love, my sewing machine.  

Q. Why did you start your brand?

I started Milly'O in 2014 after looking back on some photos of me as a child, my parents would always dress me in the most fabulous clothes and I would most definitely stand out from the crowd. From this, I was noticing a gap in the market for fun, bright and comfortable clothes for kids to wear with a smile. I am sure my travels had an impact on the designs of my clothes and the fabrics I choose.

There might not seem like much imagination to why I chose my business name, but for as long as I can remember I have called my Dad Daddy'O therefore Milly'O just fell into place. Plus my surname is Ollis so it's basically just my name.

Q. Your entire brand is handmade by you, how important was this to you when launching your brand?

Really important, my workroom, where all the making takes place is my happy place and I love coming up with new designs in there. Although I do all of my tie dying at home, so naturally all our bedding and clothes are slowly being dyed. I love tie dye!

Q. What inspires you?

Annoyingly most of my designs come to me in the middle of the night, I have a sketchbook and I try and jot down as many ideas as I can and then slowly work on these throughout the year. A firm favourite is definitely my Teddy Sweaters. They have a lovely soft fleece lining and either stars or stripes on the right side, perfect for snuggling in the winter and even heading to our British beaches in the summer months. Another popular product is my soft organic baby leggings, they come in lots of various colours and patterns which brighten up any outfit.

Q. Why should people consider handmade over the high street alternatives?

I think people should consider buying handmade because they will always know exactly where their purchases have come from, and more often than not better quality. I personally make my products so that they are very durable and withstand daily activities that children's clothes go through. 

I source my fabric's from all over, I wish there was just one company that had all my favourite fabrics but that would just be too easy. My favourite designers at the moment come from Sweden, I love the colours and patterns they use. They are so eye catching and really keep up with the current trends, most importantly they use GOTS certified and organic fabric important for my ethical brand.

To view Milly's entire collection of ethically made baby & toddler clothing

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