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Friday, 28 April 2017

Fashion Revolution 2017: Interview with Sustainable Fashion Brand Madia & Matilda

As we near the end of our Fashion Revolution special, we wanted to send you 'behind-the-scenes' of Sustainable Fashion brand Madia and Matilda. They produce unique pieces in timeless styles that are made to last. I interviewed founder Shalize, to learn more about what sustainable fashion actually means and why it's so important to slow down fashion trends.

Q. What do you do?

We create sustainable fashion from end-of-line materials which would otherwise be wasted. We make an impact in British fashion by producing quality made garments that have been produced in a small scale production environment, lessening our impact on the environment.

Q. Why is sustainable fashion important to you?

It comes naturally to me in my natural process of thinking and way of living. My personal ideals are what motivated me to design sustainable fashion pieces. 

Q. When launching your brand did you always know it was going to ethically focused? 

Yes, all my university projects were developed around sustainability and once I was in the industry I didn't like how much waste a garment would produce. I decided that it was not the kind of designer I wanted to be, I wanted to attribute my brand to a less wasteful world. 

When I design, I always ask myself 5 key questions; Is it resourceful? - Does it maintain quality and beauty? - Does it inspire consciousness? - Does it acknowledge human needs? - Are we slowing down consumption? 

Q. Who makes your clothes? 

We have an in-house team of seamstresses here in the UK.

Q. How does slow fashion differ to the high street? 

It is more about timeless styles, it's beautiful clothing that a person can cherish for life. Rather than the throwaway fast fashion that only lasts for a weekend. 

I also believe consumers should be aware of the processes behind fashion and understand what goes into the making of our garments - from design right through to production. 

In our studio and boutique, we actually incorporate the production room, as a part of the shopping experience. It's a way of demonstrating that 'we make your clothes' and we also take in alterations for clients, to prolong the lifecycle of consumers clothing, instead of clothing being sent to clutter up landfills.

Q. Is sustainability important to the future of fashion?

Yes, it's highly important in order to reduce our waste consumption and carbon footprint, slow fashion is the only way forward.

We have also found that consumers are open to more artisanal one-of-a -kind brands; like us, as they’re actively looking for clothing that differentiates from what every other shopper has. Fast fashion causes needless destruction to the environment and there's no room to be original.

To view more from Madia & Matilda's collection follow the link HERE

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