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Monday, 23 January 2017

The funniest Valentine's Day Cards for unconventional romantics

(let's make sexy time valentine's day card: source)

This year you could buy someone you love the usual mushy card, but I figure why do that when you can tell them you love them in an altogether quirkier way. OK, so some may not be the most romantic, some may be a little straight to the point but where's the harm in that?! 

Whether it's big bums or hairy legs you're into, here are my pick of the funniest Valentine's Day cards for your loved one.

Happy Valentine's Day Knobhead: buy it now

I hate you the least: buy it now

You can keep your socks on: buy it now

I love you with all of my bum: buy it now

You're as lovely as a lemur: buy it now

Fancy a bit of the otter?: buy it now

You're dirty wrong: buy it now

Your prick: buy it now

Let  the sausage see the roll: buy it now

You're growing on me: buy it now

We hate the same things: buy it now

Kanye loves Kanye: buy it now

Banana Pun: buy it now

I love you more: buy it now

I'm grumpy when I'm hungry: buy it now

Like what you see? You can view the whole collection over at, here

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