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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Creative Spotlight: Driftwood sculpture by Jeffro Uitto

Since leaving high school Jeffro Uitto has been creating sculptures and installations from his favourite medium; wood.  Hailing from Tokeland WA, Uitto creates beautifully detailed sculptures, made from natures leftovers. 

Sourcing his materials from the shores of Tokeland, the banks of Smith Creek and even from the valleys between Willapa Hills, Uitto works hard to ensure he only uses driftwood and salvaged tree branches and burls, so as not to exploit his natural environment. Everything is carefully hand crafted in Uitto's workshop aptly named 'Knock on Wood'. 


No live trees are harmed in the making of my work, Every piece I create is from salvaged materials, that I collect myself. Spanning the gap from nature to your environment.
Jeffro Uitto

All images are courtesy of Jeffro Uitto and you can view more of his work on his website or his Facebook page.

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