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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Meet the designer: Alex Foster

I don't have to tell you how much we love illustration at The Lost Lanes, so when we discovered Alex Foster we were pretty smitten! His passion for illustration comes across in all his designs, more recently his personalised house and wedding venue portraits have meant that every one of his customers are able to possess their very own piece of unique and affordable art for their homes.

We took some time out to meet the man himself for a brief chat and offer our readers an exclusive 10% discount on all Alex Foster's work this month only.  

Alex, tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m an illustrator who specialises in maps, editorial and print work. I grew up in Margate, Kent and after school went to the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. Afterwards I moved to North London to attend Middlesex University. At school, I didn't really know what illustration was or what I wanted to do, so thank you to my Art teacher at school for showing me the foundation course at UCA! I got a terrible grade in Art, but once I got to uni things improved!

Where are you based?

Margate, Kent. I love it here.

What made you start your illustration business?

I started all of this at uni, mainly because we were constantly told how difficult it was to make a living as an illustrator. Rather than work part time somewhere I didn't want to, I thought I would try to make a business with t shirts and prints which was something I loved doing. I threw myself into it and it forced me to learn harsh lessons pretty quickly, so after lots of little mistakes everything just kept improving.

What inspires your illustrations?

Everything from radio/podcast stories, to art and other illustrators, films, music – any kind of media I suppose. Reading, listening and watching things gives you an image in your head anyway.

Describe your workspace...

My workspace is a big white Ikea desk, with my PC set up, scanner, printer, plant and my planner and sketchbooks.

Alex Foster hard at work!

Growing up on the coast, what is your ideal day out at the seaside?

Funnily enough I never really liked the heat. It’s silly really because I love sunny and bright days, and swimming in the sea. Other than seaside day trips, me and my friends had some great beach parties growing up where we would play beach sports, drink, and have BBQ’s.

We love your personalised house portraits, if you could draw anyone’s home whose would it be?

Haha nice question! I've had such a variety of houses that have been lovely to draw. But I suppose it would be more about someone I admire and how their house looks. I’d like to see Mr. Blobby’s house.

Finally, what is your favourite item from The Lost Lanes?

There’s a million great items on The Lost Lanes! The animal mugs are great – I think I may have met Yas-ming Ceramics at a design show in London. I’d also be biased towards the art prints!


To view more of Alex's work click HERE, and remember there is an exclusive 10% discount this month only!

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