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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Creative Spotlight: Before-and-After movie scenes

There is nothing better than settling down and getting taken away on a journey with a good movie. Recently however, since watching the throne scene in Star Wars without music (which by the way if you haven't seen it check out the video below, Chewbacca has me rolling every time he speaks/screams!!), it got me thinking about the work that goes into each scene to get viewers like us taken on that magical journey!

What better for today's creative spotlight, the imagination and creativity involved takes some serious talent.  Of course it's not just about finding the perfect music collaboration. We all know about green screens and how they work, but what would our favourite movies look like if we weren't able to get caught up in the magical atmosphere?

Well, I have dug out some scenes for you, and I think you'll agree it's mighty impressive!!

Life of Pi

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 

The Dark Knight 


Oz the great and powerful



King Arthur 

Rise of an Empire

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