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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Batman V Superman inspired superhero gift ideas

With Zack Snyder confirming the date of the impending Batman V Superman trailer, it has caused a superhero frenzy on Social Media!  How has he announced it?  A teaser trailer for the teaser trailer of course(!),

It has inspired me to pick out my top superhero finds from The Lost Lanes!  I'm a sucker for anything comic book related.  Mind you I have no loyalty to DC Comics or Marvel, all I really need is some popcorn, a glass of wine and I'm sorted, throw in a little bit of Thor and I'm yours!

Anyway, here are my top picks, all creative, all completely original and most importantly they are all Made By People!

Personalised Superman Child's Tshirt (also available for babies here)

Personalised Initial Superman Drawstring Bag (choose from Batman or Superman)

 Superman pre-tied bowtie for men (also available for kids here)

Batman pre-tied bowtie for men (also available for kids here)

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