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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Meet the designer: Lily King

You may have noticed at The Lost Lanes we're partial to a bit of jewellery.  We can't help it, we're like moths to a flame, magpies to, well, lots of pretty, shiny, sparkly things.  When we discovered Lily King we fell in love with her jewellery, lots of minimalist pieces that still manage to make a statement and are super girly, needless to say it's just our cup of tea!

Because of this, we wanted to take some time out to introduce you to the woman behind the brand.  Meet Lily King, find out what inspires her, her Spice Girl ambition (no, really) and to top it off a champagne cocktail recipe, obvs!
As if that wasn't enough we are offering an exclusive 20% off Lily's jewellery this month only.  So what are you waiting for? Meet designer of the month the very beautiful, Lily King!
Tell us a bit about yourself….
My name’s Lily, I’m a self taught jewellery designer / maker based in North West London.  In my spare time, I love mooching around markets, seeing live music and cracking open a nice bottle of red with friends.

How did you first start making jewellery?
I used to work in a lovely little boutique on Portobello Road (many moons ago), and would help choose the jewellery we stocked there. I started to learn what all the components / stones were, and thought I’d give it a go making my own pieces to sell there.
How would you describe your style?
My style is quite simple & classic. I’m never without a pop of colour though! My jewellery designs reflect this – I like minimalistic pieces that can be worn day to day, but have a little bit of quirk / beautiful colourful gemstones.

What inspired you to launch your own jewellery brand?
After a while of selling my pieces at the boutique in Portobello, the designs were becoming increasingly popular and customers were wondering if I had an online shop, so tah dah – Lily King jewellery was born!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be everything under the sun when I was a kid! I’m pretty sure a member of the Spice Girls was definitely at the top though!
We’re well and truly out of the festive season, so to give a little winter cheer to our readers what is your favourite cocktail and can you share the recipe?
It’s got to be a Marilyn Monroe! I know the festive season is over, but there’s always a good excuse for champagne. It’s a very simple, but delicious cocktail – just don’t have too many if you don’t want a thick head in the morning!
115 ml champagne
30 ml apple brandy
5 ml grenadine
Serve in a champagne flute with two cherries on a stick.
What is currently on your wishlist from The Lost Lanes?
Definitely the ‘Pink Sofia Leather Shoulder Bag’ by Amy George.  I love the bright colourway – it makes a perfect summer bag!
You can view Lily's full jewellery collection here including this stunning star charm ring!

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