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Friday, 17 January 2014

Cheese and wine fiend!

I love cheese and wine, so much so that it should actually be my opening statement when introducing myself to new people.  And to be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that a line like that could give a stranger the impression that I am a raging alcoholic, I probably would!

Last weekend we decided to try out Walluc a wine bar in Shoreditch that specialises in cheese including fondue and raclette.

Walking through the doors feels like stepping into a Parisian wine bar, there are candles everywhere, low lighting and leather sofas with no two chairs alike.

A really simple idea, they work with small producers from France and Italy importing regional wines and cheeses.  The menu was simple, there was a choice of Raclette, Fondue or a cheese board.  You select what you prefer.  The wine menu was even simpler you just need to know if you fancy red, white or maybe a prosecco.  Everything is bought in small batches so the wine changes all the time, it works well for them as a wine bar and great for the producers who can't cope with the high demand of bigger companies.

We went for the red wine and a cheese board, I wish I could say "and here's a photo" but it was SO good by the time we thought about it, it was all gone.  I guess that means we'll have to return to get that all important photo... dang! Well what's a girl to do, it is important this getting a photo lark.

                                          Trainers on a line just outside the bistrot

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