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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Another year another resolution...

Happy New Year folks, I'm not quite sure where 2013 went, but 2014 is most certainly here, and now as if like clockwork, it's time to get those resolutions and promises dusted off from last year and pinned up on the wall! I have always said that the 1st of January should be spent deciding on your resolutions (whilst still eating and drinking merrily) then they shouldn't be official until the 2nd of January.  This gives me one more day in holiday mode and I don't know why but that always makes me feel better about it, must be all the food and booze, go figure?!

Now usually I go into resolutions in all the wrong way, they are always unachievable lists guaranteed to fail in the first week.  It's always lame stuff like "eat less chocolate", impossible resolution number one; I always have so much chocolate and sweets left over from the holidays I fail by day one and then feel so bad I eat even more to console myself (obvs!).

Then there is the obligatory "diet" impossible resolution number two; Why does this ever make it on our lists? It's not something that's long term (or at least shouldn't be), it doesn't really mean much other than it's the done thing and is there because you think it has to be and because January magazines tell you it's the latest fad and therefore should be.  My diet resolutions are usually broken by day two, maybe even stretched until day three if I'm really putting some effort into it.

Then that's it game over, you feel defeated and sad or in my case it means you eat more chocolate... I'm not going to lie to you my guilt trip is a bit of a shameful treat, it is pretty much an endless circle of chocolate eating, what can I say, I bloody love chocolate!

So this year I have decided to mix it up a little, I want to keep healthy with exercise nothing unobtainable. I don't want to go Madonna muscle mad in the gym but I'd quite like to be able to run for a bus and not be out of breath (that should be pretty obtainable surely).

Number two on the list is that I'd like to add a little vegan eating to my diet a couple of times a week it's only two out of 7 days, how hard can that be?  Finally, I want to take advantage of all the free and cool stuff happening in and around London this year which in turn will mean getting out and about and meeting with friends much more (bonus!).

There you have it, nothing too traumatic nothing too intense just nice things that will make the winter and post Christmas blues more bearable.

The hardest will of course be the exercise, I love the feeling of pride I have post exercise, honestly I do, and as sad as this will sound, for me even as little as ten minutes of exercise has me wanting to hi-five myself and strut out of the gym like an absolute legend.

The truth is I wish I was more gym crazy, I like the idea of being into exercise, in fact I like nothing more than imaging myself at the gym working it like Jane Fonda in a leotard and leg warmers.  But I do find it hard to kick start the routine which I guess is where the willpower will have to do it's thing and get involved. This is where it helps to just have one hard thing on that resolution list that's manageable, as opposed to 20 things that you'll struggle to give enough attention to.

I was actually putting together a collection of ideal gifts for those admirable 'gym junkies' today on the site, which got me writing this post, and I was reminded of my favourite items the gym and yoga bags. Nothing better than a bit of motivation on a bag, and letting everyone else around you know you are indeed off to exercise, now if that's not a reason for strutting around like a legend I don't know what else is?!

You can view our "Gym Junkie" gift collection here, makes the perfect gift for the gym buddy that has it all, or a lovely motivational treat especially for you!

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