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Monday, 23 September 2013

A British Affair

I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend Cheryl’s hen do recentlly, held at Vintage Patisserie.  Now I must admit having spent lots of time around Hackney Fields, I was curious about where this little gem was hiding.

For those not in the know, Vintage Patisserie is an absolutely fabulous party company and venue, the concept obviously is vintage chic, but it’s more than that.  It’s not just a loosely used word to create some notion of the recent fad, but instead when you step into their venue it’s as though you take a massive leap back in time.

From the bunting and union jack drapes on the windows to the vintage crockery and the stunning “maids” complete with pinafores and 40's hairstyles.  Walking into this venue you know you are in one very special place.

The room itself has lots of little details to discover with the ladies as you sip on your cocktails and even a dress up corner, lots of feather boas, pearls, hats and hair accessories to dress up in.  At every seat there was a gift for everyone courtesy of 'What Katie Did' and to add to the glamour the “maids” were super speedy at creating the most intricate hairstyles and glamorous make up for everybody.

Aside from the vintage discoveries that adorn this room, the most noticeable decoration? The food! 

The cupcakes were adorned with photo icing of the guest of honour and the chocolates served as a reminder to everyone that we do in fact “heart” Cheryl.... as if there was any doubt. 

The tables were set beautifully, I mean it was proper girly, but sometimes you need girly, something that makes you all “eek” with excitement.  Candles, roses and cake stands complete with more cupcakes, love chocolates and scones were displayed all the way down the tables.  There were teacups and saucers from which we were served a prosecco cocktail, mixed with iced Jasmine infused green tea and fresh berries.

We had as many sandwiches as we could eat, the usual suspects of egg, cucumber and ham made their appearance but then a new favourite rose petal and lavender, you need to try it before you judge it peeps!

If you get the opportunity, or you're in charge of  putting on a girly get-together then I fully recommend you go and discover Vintage Pattisserie for yourself, its well worth the transportation back in time.

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