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Friday, 5 July 2013

Meet Dolly Dripp

This week we decided to introduce you to the lady behind 'Dolly Dripp', the gorgeous Sarah Louise Richards.  When we first came across Sarah we fell in love with her designs, teeming alternative Rockabilly with a rich feminine style she creates a womanly retro look perfect for someone wanting to be individual.  

Sarah studied BA(Hons) Fashion Design at University of Central Lancashire, graduating in 2008 and has worked in London for high street suppliers, designing for the likes of Miss Selfridge and Topshop amongst others.

So we thought it was time to say "hello" and let you find out more about the uber talented but very modest Sarah and her inspiration behind Dolly Dripp.

I’m originally from… 
I was born in Wales and my whole family is Welsh. We moved to Cornwall when I was quite young and after that up to Southport in the North West. I still see myself as a northerner even though I live in Brighton now!  

I first started in design because… 
I’ve only ever wanted to be a designer. I was really into drawing & designing my own clothes as a kid. Every school project I had I’d try to incorporate fashion or clothing into it in some way. If we’d just learnt about the Romans, my project would be about how they dressed. I was pretty obsessed.
I went on to study art & design at college and even though we were taught all different aspects of art & design I couldn’t be swayed from fashion!  

I get my inspiration from… 
Anywhere and everywhere! The brand image is very heavily influenced by vintage, retro styles and I’ve always loved the 1950’s look. I do still pay attention to the catwalks every season and street styles as I like to add a modern twist to my garments as I find vintage styles can sometimes look a bit frumpy.
Inspiration can also come from books, people, nature and art. My degree collection was inspired by Arthur Rackham illustrations and cobwebs!  

I would describe my style as… 
Lazy rockabilly rock chick. I haven’t always got time to get properly done up rockabilly style with the hair and all but I still try to wear elements of it in my everyday clothes, mostly high waisted jeans and a cute fifties style top. 

My favourite thing to wear at the moment is…
I’m quite into crop tops at the moment. They go really well with high waisted jeans. 

My favourite item on The Lost Lanes is… 
I’m a big fan of The Lost Lanes, their rings are so cute! My favourites have got to be the ruby fox ring and the turquoise wild rabbit ring. I’m hoping to find one in my Christmas stocking this year. 

When I was a kid I wanted to be… 
I did always just want to be a fashion designer, although, I may have wanted to be Kylie Minogue at one point. Not be like her, actually be her when I grew up!  

My favourite joke is..... 
I have some cringe worthy jokes like

‘Why was the mummy so tense? He was all wound up’
‘What’s Dracula’s favourite circus act? The jugular.’ 
I know, they are terrible! 


I don't know Sarah the jokes got a chuckle or two over at HQ so it's not all bad or maybe we just have that Friday feeling?! :)
"Jokes" aside we are so pleased to have Sarah join our collaboration and we know her attention to detail and her hand embroidered appliqu├ęs on her tops that we fell for, will have you reaching for your high waisted jeans and hair scarves! 

View more of Sarah's creations here: Dolly Dripp

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