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Sunday, 18 June 2017

How To Regrow Fruit From Your Kitchen

Last summer I was given some Seedballs and decided to grow them on my patio box, I grew some delicious peppery salads, useful herbs which I used ALL SUMMER and even some herbal teas. It was loads of fun watching things sprout and coming up with different recipes. More seeds appear to be coming up already which hadn't sprouted the first time round, it's the box of seeds that keep on giving!

On that note, recently I have been reading up on the idea of re-growing fruit and veg in your kitchen, from existing fruit and veg.

Last year, I successfully grew an avocado plant from the pit, of course, I am not expecting avocados anytime soon (not with our British weather), but it is a beautiful green houseplant all the same. But what it has done is peaked my interest in what else I could be growing from leftovers.

I found this great video from Tasty Vegetarian which is a great introduction to re-growing fruit from your kitchen:

For more information about eco-seedballs including bee & butterfly friendly flowers CLICK HERE

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