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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Scotland set a new March record, proving wind turbines can power an entire country

At a time where sustainable power is being both hailed and stomped on by lots of different experts and non-experts, it was a genuine pleasure to see our lovely neighbours over in Scotland release their March data. Since records started, Scotland set a new record in March for the amount of power sent to National Grid.

"Analysis of wind power data found for the month of March that turbines in Scotland provided 1,240,095 MWh of electricity to the National Grid - enough to supply, on average, the electrical needs of 136 per cent of Scottish households, or 3.3 million homes. This represents an increase of 81 per cent compared to that of March 2016, when wind energy provided 684,632 MWh." (source)

If we want to get serious about Climate Change then we need governments to get serious about Renewable Energy. Find out more about Scotland's record-breaking electrical power in the below video. 

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