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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fashion Revolution 2017: Interview with ethical lingerie brand Primrose and Pixie

Today marks the fourth day of our Fashion Revolution 2017 special, and I'm bringing you my interview with Sarah from sustainable lingerie brand Primrose & Pixie. Making waves in the world of lingerie, Sarah has proved that you don't have to sacrifice quality or suffer a human and environmental cost to own luxury lingerie. With her new line of organic cotton, and eco-friendly dyes, Primrose & Pixie is a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with Sarah earlier this week to learn more about the motivation behind her brand.

Q. Tell us a bit about Primrose and Pixie

Primrose & Pixie is a lingerie & sleepwear brand that aims to put a bit of magic into consciously made clothing. We follow no trends, just our hearts and favour the best quality chemical free or organic fabrics. I currently run the brand by myself.

Q. Who makes your clothes?

I do!  Everything is currently designed and handmade in my home studio. I was already running my first business from home so it made sense to continue producing everything in house for now. It gives me control over all areas of the business and I know exactly how my garments are being made. As the business grows I will need to find a garment manufacturer and from my research I’ve been delighted to find that there are ethical manufacturers right here in the UK.

Finding transparent suppliers has really helped with my choice of fabrics. They know exactly where and how their products are being made, what dyes are being used and why. Even little things like finding elastic which is made in Europe, not China makes my life a lot easier!

Q. How did it all begin?

I've only ever wanted to be a designer so I studied BA(Hons) Fashion Design at UCLAN and worked as a high street designer before becoming self-employed in 2011.

I’d been running my first handmade clothing brand for five years but I was starting to feel a bit uninspired and stuck creatively. I’d outgrown the style and needed a change of direction.

I’d started making changes to my diet & lifestyle about four years ago and with that I started paying more attention to what chemicals could be lurking in household products, toiletries and clothing. I was really shocked to find that there were nasty chemicals used in fabric production, I work with fabric every day and it wasn’t something I’d ever really thought about.

I realised that my business wasn’t aligned with my lifestyle anymore and that I still had some of that fast fashion mentality left over from my time in industry. I knew that I should be trying to help fix the problems within the garment industry, not add to them so I launched Primrose & Pixie in September 2016.

I felt that lingerie and sleepwear was a good place to start as these are our most intimate garments, there really shouldn’t be harmful chemicals in your pjs and pants!

Q. I notice you are really careful about sourcing your fabrics and even the inks you use, how important do you think this is for the future of retail?

I think it’s incredibly important as the fast fashion industry is just not sustainable right now. The damage it is doing to the environment and to the health and wellbeing of those who make our clothing isn’t worth it just so we can buy a t-shirt for £3. We need to stop this disposable fashion culture and start learning the real value of products again. People have to work long hours to make these garments and they deserve to be paid and treated fairly for doing so. I can’t stand the thought that someone would buy one of my products, wear it once then throw it away after I put in the hours to make it! We need to learn to love our clothing again and embrace slow fashion.

I’d love to see the shift we’ve had in the food industry trickle down into the garment industry. As people have become more aware of what they are putting into their bodies there’s been a rise in popularity of plant based and vegan products. Let’s start seeing that in fashion too! And as small business owners we are in a great position to show customers that responsibly sourced, ethically made garments can be beautiful, unique and stylish.

Q. What inspires your range of lingerie and sleepwear?

I wanted Primrose & Pixie to be more of a reflection of me so I went back to the things that have always inspired my work from when I was a mini 7 year old wannabe designer all the way through college and university.

I’ve always been inspired by myths, legends, fairy tales and folklore. I’m a real book worm and I especially love Gothic horror so don't be surprised if you see vampire references in future ranges. Living where I do it’s also hard not to be inspired by nature. There’s a beautiful bit of woodland with a waterfall about 20 mins walk from my house, it’s great for inspiration, recharging and finding some inner calm after a busy week.

To read more about ethical lingerie brand Primrose and Pixie or to shop the collection follow the link HERE

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