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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Meet Environmentally-friendly Card and Print Company Ellie Good Illustration

I always love speaking with illustrators, it takes a lot of determination to turn your joy of doodling and drawing into a thriving business. I was lucky enough to get some time this week to speak with the lovely Ellie, from Ellie Good Illustration. We spoke about her graphic design background and how she created an ethical stationery company, with the environment very much at heart of what they do.

Q. Tell us a bit about Ellie Good Illustration

I am an illustrator and graphic designer, with a background in magazines and a degree in fine art. I moved out of London with my partner 5 years ago (blimey, has it been that long?!) to start a family and we now live in a little village in South Bucks.

I create illustrations to hang in the home and I also make cards, which I sell individually or grouped in a big, life-hack pack called 'A Year of Cards'. I work from home around the kids who are still young, but am very driven and hope that I can upscale to a studio space and an assistant in the future!

Q. What makes your cards & prints different?

Drawing and creating is like a tick I can't get rid of. I have done it since I can remember. And ethical and sustainable consumerism is something that I care very deeply about. Bringing the two together was a no-brainer for me.

My style is very much influenced by my memories and by nature. I like to make people happy, so bright, positive colours are important, and I like to use pattern to liven up something otherwise a bit mundane (mugs / a hot air balloon etc). I can't help it, but things often come out looking a bit retro.

My technique is a combination of ink drawing, paint wash, and digital line and collage.

Q. You mention ethical and sustainable consumerism, how important was that to you when setting up your brand?

It's what drives me in creating my products. I will only ever use a printer with impeccable environmental credentials. I use two different printers. One is a completely zero-waste printing company, and the other is a waterless, chemical-free company that recycles all printed waste.

I also ensure that all the card I print on is recycled and that all the packaging is recycled and biodegradable. My cards, prints and packaging will never hang around killing sea-life or making our earth toxic.

My supply chain is fairly simple, and my card comes from well-respected paper merchants, with good ethics.

Q. We love your concept for a year of cards, what made you decide on creating these?

A Year of Cards was born out of my own frustrations. When my first child was young, like many parents, my mind was all over the place and I would only remember birthdays or anniversaries on the day, or the day before, if I was lucky! So I would routinely be 'caught out' without a card. I am an illustrator and a graphic designer, so it was well within my reach and skill set to create. I asked around my friends and contacts and the feedback seemed very positive, so I took the bull by the horns.

Q. When you’re not doodling how do you like to spend your day? 

An ideal day would be a walk through the woods with my family, followed by a lavish picnic lunch in our secret spot. I also love a bit of culture and head into London whenever I can for some inspiration or meet-ups with old friends.

To view Ellie's entire range of environmentally-friendly stationery and wall art CLICK HERE

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