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Sunday, 26 February 2017

This week we met with Milochie, a sustainable yoga activewear brand who care about people and the environment

This week I met with Angela the business woman behind ethical yoga brand Milochie.

Mirroring the union of yoga with nature, what Angela has achieved is a stunning collection of yoga wear that is both practical and stylish. Ethically made, each of Milochie's pieces are also considerate to the planet we live in ensuring as little impact as possible.

We discussed the future of retail and the importance of the environment and transparent manufacturing.

Q. Tell me more about how your brand came about

Milochie's story began with my passion for patterns, nature and wellbeing unified to create a platform where these passions evolved into products. Growing up with yoga teacher and scientist parents I have always been aware of the impact we have on our environment and it became ever more apparent to me that it was a challenge to discover beautiful, fun and stylish yet functional yoga equipment that was also eco-conscious and ethically sourced. And so working closely with Yoga teachers and students, the journey to create beautiful yet functional equipment began.

We are based in Bath and we have close ties with yoga studios around the area. Every one who is part of the team believes in the message of Milochie, that you can look great without hurting our planet and people! Our ethos is to create stylish and functional yoga and activewear which is sourced from manufacturers who treat employees fairly and are crafted from natural materials wherever possible.

Q. Your entire brand is traceable in terms of manufacturing, how important was this to you before launching your brand?

I am the founder and designer of the company, so I put a lot of thought and consideration into the sourcing of our products. My initial focus was on how is the creation of the products affecting the people who make them and what traces will these products leave on the planet. Bio-degradability, I believe, is a very important aspect of this as everything in nature is intended to transform into something else eventually, returning to the soil to feed many future generations of plants and creatures. With every collection we aim to decrease our environmental impact, and increase awareness and our message to the consumer.

Q. Clearly you care about the sourcing of your fabrics from an environment and people perspective. How important do you think this is for the future of retail?

With Milochie you are not simply buying a stylish alternative, but also high quality products that are made of natural materials and created by craftsmen working in a fair- environment where both sides share the benefit. We are living in a wasteful society, where nearly everything we own is 'disposable', what I mean with this is that many items are cheap in production, cheap on our wallets, but expensive for our environment. However, many consumers are kept in the dark about the first and last of these factors and therefore all we can care about is the second; how it affects our wallets. The more retailers care about the first and last factor and spread awareness to the consumers, the more we can make a change. I believe that we all care, to at least some degree, what happens to our planet and share empathy with those having to work in horrendous conditions to earn a living. Through more awareness I truly feel that many people will start to opt for the fairer production.

Q. What inspires your range of prints?

All the patterns and clothing are designed in-house with every collection featuring a new theme that aims to inspire and excite the consumer and get them motivated for yoga by making them feel great! We don't participate in the fast fashion trends, instead we want to inspire and create a meaningful story that our customers can be a part of and connect with. Our current collection focuses on the four elements in nature; Earth, Water, Fire & Air. The elements represent a different essence and character of nature, and with each print these qualities are visualised.

Q. What’s your top tip for de-stressing after a long week?

Yoga, of course! Once you're on that mat and put all your attention and focus on your body, you'd be surprised how you can suddenly forget all your stresses and worries. Allowing yourself an hour of that can give you a much clearer perspective on so many things. But, I also truly enjoy taking my dog out for a long country walk. Seeing that happy face as she runs around in nature, life's little stresses can appear so trivial and she has a great way of making me forget and join her in the moment.

To find out more about Milochie's active-wear or to shop from Angela's entire collection click here.

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