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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Ultimate Staycation Natural Home Spa Guide

Staycations are not always a bad thing, I actually don't mind staying in London for the summer. Great outdoor events, free entry to museums, lots of pop-up's to check out and markets to explore. Let's face it there are worse things. But sometimes city-based living leaves you feeling drained and stressed. Sadly it's not always an option to jump on the first flight out to a paradise retreat, and given the current COVID19 climate we find ourselves in, it's not necessarily anyone's first priority.

But it doesn't mean you can't find some time to relax and get back into your own headspace with a day of pampering.  So here's our ultimate staycation guide to a home spa using only natural and well-being alternatives, all cruelty-free and hand-blended in the UK.

The Scene

Setting the scene is easy, light some deliciously scented candles, close your blinds. Remember to switch off your phones and tablets, and switch on some relaxing music.

The Bath

Prepare your body before the bath, give your body a well-deserved exfoliation with a natural body scrub to reinvigorate your skin and get your blood circulation flowing. Run a warm bath and add natural bath salts, a healing alternative to the chemical-laden bubble baths. Containing minerals such as magnesium to help fight stress and combat fatigue, potassium helping to balance the moisture levels in your skin, bromide to soothe sore muscles and sodium to balance lymphatic fluid in your body. Choose bath salts packed with dried petals for an added spa experience. 

The Hair

A warm steamy bath is a great opportunity for you to add a nourishing treatment or mask to your hair. The warm steam aids the treatment to sink into your hair cuticles allowing moisture to penetrate your hair strands. Use natural haircare and once you've rinsed it out and towel dried your hair, add a hair oil for an added boost of nourishment.

The Body

After the exfoliation and hot bath soak, it's time to feed your skin with really luxurious body butters or body balms. It's important to use natural skincare products, the ingredients and oils found in natural alternatives will melt into your skin providing a deeply nourishing and moisturising layer that your skin will be craving. Choose light floral scents that will bring the summer into your home.

The Face

No spa is complete without a facial, and a healing clay mask will leave you feeling relaxed and fresh faced. Choose a face mask containing lavender flowers, for a calming scent that works wonders on your mind as well as your skin. Once you have wiped the mask off and cleansed your face, use a boosting facial serum or a radiance oil to to achieve the spa glow. Finish off your treatment with a swipe of natural lip butter.

The Finishing Touch

So just before you reach the end of your spa treatment, one final way to completely de-stress is to fill a foot basin and soak your feet using a natural and healing foot soak followed by a lovely moisturising foot cream

Finally, grab a hair perfume, preferably one with a floral scent for your final bit of pampering. Whilst your skin is busy soaking up all the nourishing oils and you're still in full relaxation mode, wrap yourself in a kimono or gown and re-hydrate with some herbal teas.

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