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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Happy City Birds Project: Bird Houses made from upcycled scrap wood

I have been thinking about taking up a spring up-cycling project for the garden. With all the soft Spring colours and geometric designs I think I could come up with something to fit in with all the lovely blooms.  In my 'how to' research, I came across this installation via a Bored Panda submission from Thomas Dambo, the man behind this beautiful project.

The project, as Dambo describes is 'both about creating a shelter for birds, and also about reminding us that it’s important to leave room for birds in the urban world.'

Over the past seven years Thomas Dambo, a former street graffiti artist, has made more than 3500 bird houses all from upcycled scrap wood and recycled materials. Even most of the paint Dambo and his team uses comes from a Danish paint company who have donated a truckload of incorrectly toned paint.

The creative Danish team have made bird houses in all shapes and colours, spreading their message in cities all over the world.

Here's a selection of my favourite of their installations, it's given me a little Spring inspiration to get get creative and start DIY-ing an awesome bird house of my very own...

Thomas made this recycle birdhouse decoration for the nordic counsel, during culture night in Copenhagen 2013 (source)

The above two images are examples of 'The camoflage bird house project' creating safe homes almost invisible to the naked eye. They can be found in and around Copenhagen and Ishøj (source)

This collection was made from broken skateboards in 2012. All boards were donated by local skateboarders around Copenhagen. (source)

This totem of bird houses was created as part of a recycle workshop involving the local community (source)

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