Meet 'In Your Dreams'

Written By Raquel Surally Wallace on Thursday, 6 March 2014 | 11:19

We couldn't wait to introduce you to the quirky duo behind 'In Your Dreams'.  With a passion for illustration and festivals, it's impossible not to fall in love with their enchanting and intricate eyelash creations.  With the festival season hot on everyone's mind for the summer, we thought it was time to discover a little more about Bryony and Madeline, and meet the successful women behind the creative brand. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

We are two London based Illustrator/artists who have joined forces to create In Your Dreams - an ethereal beauty accessories brand providing makeup, paint & embellishment services across the UK and Ibiza, perfect for festivals, parties and corporate events.

How did you go from face and body painting to eyelashes?

The eyelashes naturally evolved, we started off purely just using paint then added embellishment & eyelashes completed the look creating some seriously striking outcomes. After such high demand at the Festivals in 2012 we launched the first lash collection for Spring/Summer 2013 and then a second shorty after for Autumn/Winter looks.

Where do you get your inspiration for each collection?

We are inspired by the incredible people we meet at the festivals, you see a lot of underground trends before they reach the streets! Plus the other designers we work around bring an immense amount of inspiration to both of us.

The Festival Collection has a dreamy, quirky & ethereal festival vibe.  The Supernatural Collection was all about Halloween & the Party season so darker, sexier & more glamorous looks.

What’s your favourite way to style your lashes?

Each lash design has it’s own personality & therefore needs to be styled differently but bindi’s are one of our staple favourite looks to compliment the lashes. Endless combinations and intricate shapes to be created with beautiful colour palettes to choose from and match with the lashes. we also love to put gems underneath the middle of eyes - almost like a teardrop, it almost widens the eyes and create such a striking and intriguing look.

What’s your most overplayed song at the moment?

Little Shoes Big Voice - Blue Veins

Which Festival are you most looking forward to this year?

Wilderness is perfect for In Your Dreams such incredible surroundings with a great vibe & brilliant people. It also has such a great line up this year… London Grammar, Jessie Ware & Sam Smith. Say that we LOVE Secret Garden Party, it really is a very magical festival!

What’s your top make up tip for this festival season?

Be bold, our lashes our perfect for a festival, you can wear them over and over again. Also... you can never wear too much glitter, anything goes at a festival, it’s the one chance to look how you’ve always dreamt of looking but never had the chance, or guts. 

What’s your favourite item from The Lost Lanes?
There is such a good selection of rings - we love to accessorise. Especially love the Sparrow Skull, Moss & French Fry rings!


If you're feeling inspired to try something new or wanting to be brave and stand out from the crowd this festival season, why not come over to shop our eyelashes and be enchanted with 'In Your Dreams'

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